It is the place of peace and comfort, the space par excellence where action stops and leaves space for dreams. It is the area that we dedicate less attention to when furnishing our home, but it is the place that may become the most creative. The entire space behind the bed becomes a blank page to be filled and the traditional headboard can be refashioned in various ways.

There are multiple ideas that can be used and tested: for example, it is possible to create a mosaic with different  materials; like various quartz and marble agglomerates  in different colours that can be used to make simple, refined, design decorations. Particular wallpaper or a bright colour can fill the space and, at the same time, decorate the room.

A creative solution is to turn a special fabric, or a souvenir from a trip into a work of art. Turn the perspective upside down using a window or an antique door. Personally write, or get a calligrapher, for the most important words. These are a few creative tips to give new light, colour and character to your bedroom. And how will you make yours? Do you already have an idea?

Saveria Squarzoni