“While it is beautiful, it is just so delicate…” How many times have we heard the same cliché about marble floors? Taking centre stage on walls and floors, marble has many key qualities: it is versatile and easy to clean, for instance. A few tricks and removing stains from marble floors will be easier than you think.

A few tricks of the trade and some secrets that will become essential and your marble floor will be as shiny and bright as ever

So nothing to say on versatility: it’s a fact that a marble floor blends in and adds an elegant note to any setting. Thinking that it doesn’t need any care would instead be an unforgivable mistake. A marble floor is durable, but to preserve it as best as possible, it needs to be cleaned with the utmost care by following a few simple rules to protect it.

Watchword: gentleness.

First step: demand the best for your marble floor. Only choose products that do not penetrate under the surface, ban any hyper-aggressive detergents and the whole range of abrasives: it would be tantamount to a declaration of war for a marble floor. And what we want is to make a declaration of love.

Protecting the kitchen.

Marble floor in the kitchen? No problem: it is perfectly resistant to contact with water, though pay the utmost attention to acid liquids such as vinegar, lemon juice or sugary drinks. Regardless of how stubborn the stains are, on a marble floor the important thing is to act straight away and not to put off cleaning. The stain disappears with a soft cloth slightly dampened in lukewarm water, and unless it is a particularly complex situation, your marble floor will be as good as new. Right after cleaning the marble surface, it is crucial to use a dry cloth to dab the water. In a single step, you’ll remove the dirt and the liquid.

Desperate circumstances call for desperate remedies.

A marble floor is resistant, but not indestructible. If the stain is stubborn, encrusted and deep, you should make a final decision to solve it and opt for a slightly abrasive product.

The market offers products with proven effectiveness: on a marble floor with stains or yellowing, it’s best to play it safe and rely on top brands in the sector. For instance, products by FILA (Fabbrica Italiana Lucidi ed Affini) are invaluable allies in cleaning your marble floor. A leading Italian company in the sector of treating and cleaning any kind of surface, with an eye on innovation and environmental sustainability. Within top quality offerings, we would like to mention Tenax products: entirely made in Italy and specifically developed to treat all stone, quartz, marble and ceramic surfaces.

Last but not least, another leading Italian firm in cleaning solutions for marble floors (and not only) is Bellinzoni, whose high-end products assure perfect maintenance and protection, even for the finest of materials. With a few tips and, more importantly, by using specific products, your marble floor will go back to its former glory: it couldn’t be easier than that!

The Editor