“Fashion passes style remains”.
How long can a moment last? It is a well-known fact that everyone has a different way of measuring time: feelings, sensations, moods mark our moments, making them eternal or quick as a breath.

There are spoken words and writings on the relativity of time by excellent minds, but would you have ever said that this consideration also applies to the world of design? Well, the answer is yes.

Without going into philosophical details, let’s try for a moment (again, time!) to apply the same concept to… a marble floor. Yes, exactly. Does it seem odd? Actually, it isn’t, because everything has a time, even a marble floor. Let’s mentally repeat the sentence: “the time of a marble floor”. O even: “The beauty of a marble floor“. This mantra will open our mind to the many meanings that a marble floor can have within an environment, both domestic and non-domestic ones. The same applies for a marble bathroom.

Think of them. Visualise them. Right, can we say that these are “fleeting trends”? Certainly not. A marble floor or a marble bathroom is not the fashion whim of a season. These are specific choices showing culture, awareness and style.

Was there a golden age of marble floors? Of course there was, indeed there has been more than one and perhaps it has never ended. From antiquity to renaissance and baroque glories, from the solid fin de siècle refinement imitating the classics up until the present day, marble floors have almost always been the superstars of design. Indestructible, they anticipate trends and dominate them. A confirmation, once again this year.

The answer to the question “what are interior design trends” is a list of tips and ideas, always useful and pleasant to read, and that always unleash our imagination. Let’s face it: we are all curious to find out what the colour of the year will be, if we will still be talking about the comeback of nature, if the eco-friendly style will be the dominant one. But there is a prevailing trend: marble floors. It is a voice that shines: the king of materials raises and plays for a rise, imposing itself in the bathroom, too.

And while it’s okay to give room to creativity, unleashing our inner interior designers and style coaches, that’s where you always go back to in the end: marble floors are a must that will never go out of fashion. A trend is nice, but style is better: the important thing is to keep in mind that once the season has passed and the passing fad has gone, everything is meant to become outdated. Not a marble floor though.

And not even a marble bathroom.

Do you have in mind the beauty of a marble floor or bathroom? In a word, or rather two: inimitable, eternal. Sooner or later, all trends make a comeback. They resurface. It’s the theory of the eternal comeback: valid for history, for style and, of course, also for design. In a hypothetical list that includes all the diktats of interior design, marble floors are rightfully among the most important ones in the history of mankind. Because in the end, everything has a time. Even a marble floor.

But is an eternal time.

The Editor