In recent years, the AirBnb platform has become extremely successful. Many tourists rely on the portal to find comfortable and good value accommodation, going beyond the traditional lodging options for tourists. This is precisely why, increasingly more people decide to become hosts, offering rooms or entire flats for rent to the growing number of people who use the internet to organise their holidays. Here are our tips for furnishing a flat to be rented on AirBnb.

Look for a unique and characteristic style

On an online platform like AirBnb, where there are numerous offers, it is important to immediately impress users. Whether it is a holiday or a business trip, either short or long, guests are looking for a welcoming and well-kept destination, a place that will become their home for the duration of their stay. The interiors play a decisive role: it is important to characterise the rooms with a thought-out and well-defined style, capable of capturing the attention of those browsing the website at first glance.

Offer your guests a ‘real’ home

Guests are looking for comfortable and functional accommodation. The organisation of the rooms must be adequate to ensure normal domestic activities: a well-equipped bathroom, a small room where they can store their luggage, a fitted kitchen to prepare and eat meals. Don’t forget to make sure there are enough sockets to be able to charge mobile phones and laptops or to be able to use the small appliances provided.

Essential furniture and accessories

SM Quartz – Aosta

Complete the flat with all the accessories and furnishings necessary to make a home ‘livable’: in addition to ensuring that your guests have a peaceful stay, you will avoid the risk of negative reviews. Provide a wardrobe to store clothes and bedside tables to place a book, a mobile phone or any other item your guests wish to have next to them while they sleep.  Complete the home with the most important accessories: a hairdryer in the bathroom and a set of kitchen utensils and dishes. Pots, colanders, plates, cutlery, glasses and above all… a coffee machine! If you are not keen on coffee capsules or pods, a Moka pot will be appreciated by both your Italian and foreign guests.

Let’s embrace creative recycling!

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Many hosts decide to rent their second home on AirBnb, using reclaimed furniture or old interiors.

If you choose this solution it is important to avoid the risk of a flat with a scruffy and not very welcoming appearance. Make way for creativity and colours: there are endless solutions to give a second life to furniture that is no longer new, creating unique and attractive rooms.

Care and attention to detail: these are the elements that will make you a valued and well-reviewed host!

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