Resistance, convenience, style. Are three adjectives enough to define kitchen worktops? If anything, they’re essential to describe a quartz kitchen worktop. Inserting furniture items that combine design and functionality in the kitchen, the living heart of the home, is essential: a quartz worktop perfectly meets this need.

Let’s see why. First of all, a quartz kitchen worktop is the best there is in terms of durability. A beautiful, even appearance is not just an added value, but a special feature of this material – a solution increasingly popular with architects, interior designers and all those who want the best for their home, without overlooking practical aspects.

A quartz kitchen worktop is resistant to water and other liquid substances that invariably leave traces on finer materials. Antistatic and ultra-hard-wearing, quartz kitchen worktops are the quintessence of elegance combined with convenience.

Spending time in the kitchen is a feast for the senses. For sight: who doesn’t want a cosy space (hygge, as the Danish call it, to give the idea of ultra comfort) and beautiful to look at? But a kitchen is, above all, a feast for the sense of touch: using a quartz kitchen worktop, freely touching it with no fear of ruining it is a privilege you must try. Welcoming friends, cooking for your loved ones or – why not – even for yourself, becomes even more enjoyable if you can count on a reliable (and hard-wearing!) ally: a quartz kitchen worktop is all that and much more. The only thing you need to pay attention to when working on a quartz kitchen worktop is direct exposure to heat. A quartz worktop has an excellent tolerability, but it is always best to avoid placing red-hot objects on it – such as pots straight from the hobs – to prevent a thermal shock that is harmful for the material’s composition (consequently its appearance as well).

The great thing about a quartz kitchen worktop is that it stands out in any situation: the extraordinary hardness and resistance of this innovative and increasingly popular material make it an absolute centrepiece for interior design trends, especially in the kitchen. Choosing a quartz kitchen worktop only has benefits: the quartz agglomerate reflects contemporary aesthetic tenets, combining them with a feature that sets it higher in popularity ratings. Magic? No, it is quite simply indestructible. Without considering the endless range of available colours, quartz is a truly top choice for your kitchen! Santamargherita Quartz Vega is an example of how a quartz kitchen worktop creates an ambiance with a contemporary feel, where the essentials become classy.

A quartz kitchen worktop brings new life to the whole kitchen layout and with a single solution it meets the desire for classy design and the need for practicality, which is imperative, especially in the kitchen. Entirely hygienic, as it is completely waterproof, a quartz kitchen worktop is therefore easy to clean and prevents the proliferation of bacteria, which as everyone knows might find fertile ground for growth in the kitchen. Zero germs on a quartz worktop: ideal in the kitchen.

The Editor