Fascinating, mysterious, exotic: the riad is a place that enchants you with its charm. Anyone who has been to Morocco and stayed in this type of dwelling knows this well. The riad is the traditional Moroccan dwelling and its design is inspired by the ancient Roman domus, but also features Arab-Andalusian influences. In the centre of a riad there is usually a patio with a garden, representing the heart of the building and its essence. In fact the term ‘riad’ means ‘garden’. Today many riads have become guest houses and offer an engaging travel experience. It might be the special structure, the colours and the shapes of the furnishing accessories or maybe the atmosphere of these magical locations, the fact is that the riad has inspired numerous interior designers. And even if classical dwellings do not always adapt to this style, we can still get ideas from some concepts of the riad to bring a pinch of exotic charm to our homes.

Colours galore

The unique feature of Moroccan style is the use of warm and bright colours on tiles, vases, lanterns and textiles. With the use of these elements we can create a cosy living room or a balcony that serves as a little safe haven where you can relax. With large colourful cushions, the right lighting and a few plants we can turn even a very small outdoor space into a little exotic gem. What about the living room? Curtains and rugs in typical Moroccan style can transform even a minimal style room.

The materials of nature

Nature has always been the prime source of inspiration. This applies even more so to the riad, which is built around a green space. And therefore the perfect Moroccan-style home will feature wood, ceramic, baskets and woven straw decorations, terracotta vases. The warm and enveloping embrace of nature is palpable in every corner. This is why there must always be ornamental and succulent plants.

Lights and decorations

To create the right atmosphere it is necessary to choose the lighting well. The coloured glass of lamps in typical riad shapes can be a valid ally in decorating the living room. Imagine a sofa with plush multicoloured pillows caressed by the soft lighting of a lamp: a special corner to enjoy a relaxing break but also a valid place to spend time with others. In addition to the right lighting, you also need curtains, essential in creating a mysterious atmosphere that embellishes the room. Also free rein on rugs of all shapes, colours and sizes to furnish in style.