The new Hershesons Salon – an exclusive beauty salon, an original designer space created with Santamargherita materials – opened last June in Harvey Nichols, in London’s Fitzrovia district.

The idea is to place the customer entirely at the centre of a multi-sensory and regenerating experience that cannot be experienced anywhere else, explain Luke and Daniel Hersheson. Everything is built around the customer, their needs, their commitments and their lifestyle.

With the pioneering approach that has always distinguished them, father and son have developed a brilliant solution, which combines eclecticism and functionality, thereby marking a turning point in the new generation of super salons dedicated to the world of beauty and wellness.

To design this important project, Luke and Daniel Hersheson enjoyed the collaboration of architect Racheline Michaels and GP Studio, whose synergy gave life to the particular design that distinguishes the salon. Not the traditional combination of mirrors, lights and seating, but a mix of styles, ideas and shapes.

The touch of GP Studio is recognised in the simple designs and essential shapes, the airiness and brightness of the spaces that blend in with each other in a flowing dynamism that diverges from the standard. Not only that, the signature of this group of designers is also noted in the choice of cladding materials, where the Italian excellence of the Santamargherita brand stands out. It is not the first time that GP Studio turns to Strata Tiles, a brand that enjoys a great reputation among designers and architects, not only for their proven professionalism and experience in the sector, but also for the high quality of the products they resell. The Santamargherita claddings, already chosen to design the refined concept store of the Vashi jewellery and goldsmith shop at 46 Piccadilly, are now used in the pioneering Knightsbridge project for the flooring of a VIP area, dedicated to cuts, make-up and styling.

SM Marble – Nero Portoro and SM – Marble Arabescato Bianco create a continuous geometric pattern, which conveys marked dynamism in the duotone of two timeless colours, such as black and white.

A touch of character, reminiscent of Escher’s shapes and optical illusions, in the repeatability of regular shapes that are never seen the same because they are always observed from different perspectives. Two dressing tables run above this marble chessboard with elliptical-shaped retractable mirrors, comfortable adjustable seats with mirrored backs and power hubs to power smartphones, laptops and tablets. The choice of these two marble-based agglomerates is based on practical and aesthetic reasons, because it guarantees resistance over time, simple maintenance, elegance and style, thus fulfilling the needs of those carrying out the work and the more demanding customer. 

The Editor