How do you decorate a small house? Today I’m going to talk about it in a slightly different way. If white is the colour that predominates in small rooms more frequently, to illuminate them and make them appear larger, today I will tell you how, with some tricks, black can be a perfect colour for small spaces.

How can you use black to decorate a small home?


First of all, only characterise some details of the house, in small environments it is important to introduce a few character elements, which personalise the environment without making it confusing.
Black marble is perfect for the floor of a small bathroom, brightened by total white walls and ceiling. Alternatively, you can choose to focus only on the washbasin: I love the terrazzo effect of Nero Portoro in a honed finish, the reflected light makes the environment even brighter. If instead the kitchen is small, a black marble splashback can be the right compromise between functionality and aesthetics.

Remember to play with mirrors, position them strategically to make the most of light reflections and make the house visually larger.

Finally, colour: try to introduce some coloured or textured furnishings and accessories to avoid the aseptic effect of black and white. A vintage wooden piece of furniture, some green plants, gold details to embellish a room, are just a few examples.

Credits: Giuseppe Cardone

Lastly, if you are a minimalism enthusiast, but are afraid of an ordinary effect: go crazy with some fluorescent touches, the WOW effect is guaranteed.

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