Using marble as a covering for interiors is a popular choice, but the real challenge is blending it in the furnishings.
Marble, a material used and appreciated for centuries, finds a new look in modern times in marble agglomerate, a composition of marble fragments and synthetic resin. The peculiarity of the agglomerates lies in the freedom of composition of the fragments and in its colours, unlike natural marble that is characterised by its veins.

The characteristics of agglomerates make it possible to create interiors with a refined and original style and they are also perfect for coating furnishing items. With Santamargherita’s production, it is possible to choose from a wide range of agglomerates that have inspired us in the creation of different combinations of marble + furnishings. The first one we want to talk about is the match with SM Marble – Nero Portoro, a black background, featuring fragments in grey shades and camel-coloured streaks, combined with modern-contemporary furniture, with a camel-coloured leather sofa, Vienna straw floor lamp, bookcase, seat and table in a see-though effect obtained with glass and polycarbonate.

Again with a black background, there is the combination with SM Marble – Palladio Moro, characterised by many fragments of various sizes in light grey shades that make this agglomerate brighter and more sophisticated. Its glamorous appearance allowed us to combine it with important materials such as the purple velvet of the sofa, the gold metal of the chandelier, coffee table and furniture and the Vienna straw seat/sculpture with black details.

For those who, instead, want a colourful environment, they can choose SM Marble – Vendome, marble with a light background with coloured fragments ranging from dark green to brick red, combined with furnishings in warm tones such as red, brown and gold to create a chic style.

Finally, to be more daring, SM Marble – Palladio Fenice gives us the chance to indulge ourselves, thanks to its intense green background and medium-large fragments, in a palette of colours ranging from dark green to light pink, allowing us to create combinations with light wood furnishings, pink metals and brown leather.

Let yourself be seduced by these original marble agglomerates that, through careful design, will enhance your space.

INTERIOR DESIGN + by Valentina Malevolti & Martina Mustur

1SM Marble – Nero Portoro
1: Atoll, B&B Italia – 2: Uncle Jim, Kartell – 3: Yang, Opinio Ciatti – 4: Bell Table, CalassiCon – 5: Wagasa, Gebruder Thonet Vienna

2SM Marble – Palladio Moro
1: Lutetia ’11, B&B Italia – 2: LUI 5-A, Fratelli Boffi – 3: Principe Galeotto, Opinion Ciatti –
4: Pins, Marioni – 5: Chandelier 01, Magic Circus

3SM Marble – Vendome
1: Amoenus, B&B Italia – 2: Havana, Dooq – 3: Yoroi, De Castelli – 4: Cesar, Minotti – 5: Taraxacum 88, Flos

4SM Marble – Palladio Fenice
1: Majestic, Dooq – 2: Pensando ad Acapulco, De Castelli – 3: Venus, Driade – 4: Arena, Calligaris – 5: IC Lights, Flos