Ancient who? At most, classic. A marble bathroom is that – and much more! Yes: a marble bathroom is a classic and a marble washbasin even more so. Like all great classics it always has something more to reveal.

A marble washbasin tells a story made of style, of passion for beauty and for objects that last over time. Decorating is of course a matter of taste: a rule that applies to all the rooms of the home, especially to the bathroom.

Indeed, details make the difference in the bathroom as well: choosing a marble washbasin means focusing on the personality of a key furnishing item. Even on its own, it is already interior design. Let’s imagine a marble basin inserted in a contemporary mood: it immediately brings a designer feel. In a more classic allure setting, it will be the majestic note that gives an airy feel to the room. In short, a marble washbasin is perfect in any situation and, like a true star, it lends itself to endless variations. In a bathroom, a marble washbasin is the focus and it couldn’t be otherwise: noble, sober, refined.

Every adjective defines an aspect of a marble washbasin and yet, none of them defines it exhaustively. Multifaceted: this might give an idea of the wide range of solutions that can be created with this item. If you have always associated marble and marble washbasins with an ultra-traditional and ‘weighty’ idea of interior decoration, you will need to think twice. Not just for walls, not just for floors or imposing objects: marble is always perfect, even when used in an interior design item for every day use, such as a washbasin.

Because a washbasin is always a washbasin, but a marble washbasin is better! Let’s see why.

First of all, because marble and bathrooms have always been a winning combination: when you choose the best, you can hardly go wrong. Then, because a marble washbasin is the acme in elegance and style, which even in the bathroom doesn’t do any harm. A marble washbasin is one of those details that doesn’t go unnoticed, the touch of style that makes a room chic.

But of course beauty is not everything. Indeed, while a marble bathroom is a clear nod to aesthetes, it is also intended for those who want strong, solid fixtures in the bathroom. A marble washbasin is the perfect solution: marble can be used in endless ways to decorate a bathroom, but an actual marble washbasin is a specific choice indicating the wish to combine the utmost functionality with top aesthetics.

Plus, it goes well with anything: a marble washbasin has a noble look and yet it blends in perfectly with any style, from classic to ultra modern design, it matches any colour scheme and stands out in both large and small spaces.

We’ll never tire of repeating it, so why not remind ourselves again? Marble makes elegant. You can’t say make elegant: a poetic licence? No, that’s exactly what it does! Marble, and especially a marble washbasin, makes, that is, it physically creates a situation that fully enhances style. On its own, it creates the setting and gives the bathroom a refined and exclusive appearance. A marble washbasin is always the quiddity that makes a difference.

The Editor