Decorating a teenager’s room is no easy task. In fact adolescence is a time of change that plays a fundamental role in the development of personality. During adolescence it is not uncommon for kids to change taste, interests and hobbies. This volatility significantly affect choices on how to decorate a room, a place which very often becomes a haven, a very personal space. The ideal choice is therefore to leave free rein to the child’s freedom.

A space to be lived in and shared

The ideal room must guarantee the right amount of cosiness and also offer ways to relax and have fun. At the same time, however, the room must be conducive to concentration. It will therefore be necessary to include a small study area with desk and book shelf and a night area for downtime.

The bedroom is not only a personal space but it can become a place to share and spend time with peers, therefore it is important to add furniture to be able to have friends round. Colourful ottomans could be the perfect solution.

Colours and lights

Free rein to bright colours and marked contrasts. Alternatively it is possible to be bold with stickers, photos and drawings to hang on the wall. Customising the spaces then involves choosing the accessories. Lamps, containers, prints must be chosen based on the child’s personal taste.

An evolving room

To furnish the room in the best possible way, one needs to know the child’s interests. Based on the teen’s interests or hobbies it will be possible to give the room a personal and unexpected touch. Music, for example, might be the common theme for the whole room, with musical instruments, themed posters and prints. Sports can also offer interesting ideas for decorating a teenager’s room. Our advice is not to create a clearly-set solution but to leave various options open as tastes can change very quickly.

The Editor