Decorating a small house is often a challenge. In truth, with the right precautions, it is possible to perfectly organise the house and ensure that aesthetics and function come together. There are a few tricks and best practices that can even make the house feel bigger, let’s see the main tips to decorate an extra – small home together.

Make use of every space

Although it may seem trivial, the advice is always the same: make of every space. A small house can be completely transformed if you carefully manage the spaces horizontally and vertically.

Shelves can be precious allies, able to make the most out of our walls. With a larger room you probably would have chosen a table for your lamp but in some cases it is preferable to opt for a shelf. Even the floor comes to our rescue and helps us transform spaces. Choose floors that match the walls and with large-format slabs. A marble floor without gaps will produce an optical effect that will help make the room feel bigger.

Little solutions for every room

A small kitchen can create challenges. It is a particularly lived and used room, it requires space for appliances and to prepare dishes. The situation becomes more complicated if there is no dining room. In this case it is also strategic to make use of the walls and add suspended furniture and shelves to store appliances and useful cooking tools. The snack counter is useful and aesthetically pleasing, a solution that will also save you precious space. There are several solutions for the bedroom. The simplest one? Using a bed with a container. This way the room will be a lot tidier. Is the living room too small? Make use of light with large windows and mirrors, useful to create an optical effect that immediately makes the room bigger. In general, choose furniture with a minimal style and essential design and do not over-decorate the rooms.

Inspirations from Japan

The Japanese are masters in making the most out of their spaces. Suffice to say they invented capsule hotels, tiny hotel rooms widely used by workers. In Japan, apartments are often small and require spaces to be optimised. In fact some apartments are around 15-20 square metres. One of the most popular Japanese solutions is centred around the mezzanine. If the height allows it, obtaining a mezzanine for the bed or study makes it possible to save a lot of space.

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