Living coral is the star of the home

Living Coral was the star of 2019. It expresses joy and positivity and can be a great ally in home furnishing.

The highly anticipated search for the colour of the year, conducted for about 9 months by the Pantone Color Institute, influences styles and trends in the world of fashion and design. Many fashion houses have launched coral-coloured clothes and accessories in recent months. And interior design? Interior designers and decorators cannot remain indifferent to the colour of the year. All-clear for objects and furnishings with a touch of living coral.

Living room

Coral certainly makes the living room more vibrant, the main thing is not to overdo it. In general, living coral must be used carefully and only for some furnishing accessories or details. It is not easy to match it with other colours and the effect might be too confusing. For the living room you can focus on simple details such as plant vases, tables or frames for prints. Alternatively, you can experiment with the delicious combination of rose gold and living coral on the lamps. For those who love this colour and want to dare, all- clear for curtains and sofas, provided the furnishings in the rest of the room remain simple.


There are no doubts about the bedroom: living coral textiles are a must, especially if the bed frame is white. Coral-coloured sheets are not the only element to introduce in the bedroom. All-clear for pillows, lamps and decorations as well. While if you want to add a bolder burst of colour, you can paint a wall in living coral for a truly special effect.


In the kitchen you can play with the details. Living coral could indeed be too bold for kitchen furnishings. It is definitely a better idea focus on pretty dishware, cups or placemats. The effect of light-coloured quartz, for example SM Quartz – Lyskamm, combined with coral-coloured plates certainly adds a touch of joy to the kitchen. Seeing is believing.


Even the bathroom cannot escape a touch of coral. If you have a console or shelves to store items, you can choose to paint them living coral. Alternatively, curtains and rugs are very popular, as well as small objects and ornaments.

The Editor